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I Got Older

...which for me is a very good thing. I also got carded the day before at the grocery store, prompting me to ask the cashier if she were joking with me or not. No, she was sincere, which means that there must be some rough looking seventeen year olds in our neighborhood ;-)

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes; especially jetcatt for the Amazon gift certificate, feyandstrange and digitalsidhe for the Zod beret (which the General has promised he'd wear when he cleans house on two comic book companies, once he's in power), and ren_wench for her contribution to Zod's Oreo fund ;-)

Tonight Johanna is making her chicken in mustard sauce, and Tuesday my sister and her boyfriend are taking us to our favorite sushi place, so for birthday dinners I'm pretty well covered.
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Stress is still unmanagable. Even threw up breakfast. Doing some chores right now, which helps a little bit to be doing something. At least we won't starve, thanks to the generosity of some friends last night.

Don't worry...I'm not planning on doing anything stupid. I just wish the stress would ease off a little bit. Just for a change.
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Moving Assistance

So moving sucks.

Especially when you have the energy level of a three-month old sloth.

Short version is that we got maybe half the stuff in the house shifted this last weekend, with a lot of help, and we still not only have more books (where in the hell did they all COME from?), but we also have appliances and furniture left to go. We've got a big truck scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, but we could use some physical help those days, if you're a mind to give it.

Also, as britgeekgrrl mentioned on her LJ, we could also use some help packing things during the actual week, for which we would be willing to pay (I think she mentioned $6 an hour?), as iamradar will be at work and can't assist.

Anyone willing? We'd owe you big big, that's for sure.
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San Diego Comic-Con Assistance

Back in February, as a kind of late Christmas present, koga and xeyda bought me a full-on "Adults 4 Day Plus Preview Night" membership to Comic-Con. I've been hanging onto it in the desperate hope that I could figure out a way to go, what with the money crunch and all. Now, just as I was beginning to look into either getting koga and xeyda a refund, or rolling the membership to next year, a fairy godmother (who shall go nameless for now) has offered a Southwest ticket for July that s/he can't use.

All I need to do now is figure out accomodations. Anyone know anyone who could use a roomie? I wouldn't be able to throw much in, but I also take up very little room and I'm good for feeding myself.

The thing is, I need to know before Friday if possible, as that's the last (official) day for me to get a refund. I'll still be able to roll the ticket to next year or to switch it to someone else's name, but if my friends want cash back, the 19th is the last day I can do it.

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Weekend Changes

Right. It's been decided here that if I stay in this weekend, I'll go nuts. So I'm coming to KublaCon. I plan on getting on-site in the morning in time to get a badge and get into T & Danielle's LARP at the very least. I don't know if I'll get a two-day pass so I can attend any games on Sunday...I'll have to see how the finances can stretch. And I don't know if I'll drive home Saturday night or try and beg space with someone.

But I'll be there Saturday for sure. Woo!
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Not Wat I Expected

I might do a longer review later and tell you why I feel as I do, but for now I'm going to go against many, MANY of what my friends think and tell you that, in my opinion, the new Star Trek film...

...Well, it sucked.

I may have had too much of an emotional investment in it going in, given my deep and abiding love of all things Trek from nearly the day I was born. Maybe I was in a bad head space from stress. I dunno. What I do know is that from about two minutes in, I realized I couldn't connect on any level with what I was watching, beyond "whoa, those are some pretty effects."

I *do* agree that Karl Urban was born to play Dr. McCoy, though.

I may have to watch it again, and see if I feel differently. But for now, Joe Bob Alex says "save your money for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."